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Iranian language spoken by the Kurds
of Kurdistan; of the Kurds

\kurd"ish\, a. of or pertaining to the kurds. [written also koordish.]
n : an iranian language spoken in turkey and iran and iraq and syria and russia [syn: kurdish]

Kurdish may refer to:
  • Kurdish people
  • Kurdish languages
  • Kurdish nationalism
  • Kurdish alphabets
  • Kurdistan, the land of the Kurdish people which includes:
    • Iraqi Kurdistan
    • Iranian Kurdistan
    • Turkish Kurdistan
    • Syrian Kurdistan
  • Kurdish literature
  • Kurdish music
  • Kurdish rugs
  • Kurdish cuisine
  • Kurdish culture

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Central Kurdish is a language spoken in Iraq and Iran.
The language is: Central Kurdish Kurdi (Sorani, Southern Kurdish) is a Kurdish language spoken by the Kurds in Iraq, the Yezidis in northern Iraq near Mosul and in the Sinjar Hills and by the Kurds in Iran.
The language is: Kurdi Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish) is a language spoken by the Kurds in Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran and Syria.
The language is: Kurmanji

1. an Iranian language spoken in Turkey and Iran and Iraq and Syria and Russia
(hypernym) Iranian, Iranian language
1. of or relating to Kurdistan or the Kurds or their language and culture; "Kurdish Moslems"
(pertainym) Kurdistan

Of or pertaining to the Kurds.

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