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Ojibwa, Algonquian language of the Ojibwa tribe

The Ojibwe (also Ojibwa), or Chippewa, are a large group of Native Americans and First Nations in North America. There are Ojibwe communities in both Canada and the United States. In Canada, they are the second-largest population among First Nations, surpassed only by the Cree. In the United States, they have the fourth-largest population among Native American tribes, surpassed only by the Navajo, Cherokee, and Lakota.

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Ojibwa (Ojibwe) is an Algonquian language spoken in Canada.
There are several distinct varieties of Ojibwa including: Central, Eastern, North-western, Severn and Western.
The language is: Ojibwa Ottawa (Odawa, Ojibwe, Ojibway) is an Algonquian language spoken by the Ojibwa Indians of Canada and the USA.
The language is: Ottawa

1. a member of an Algonquian people who lived west of Lake Superior
(synonym) Ojibway, Chippewa
(hypernym) Algonquian, Algonquin
2. the Algonquian language spoken by the Ojibwa people
(synonym) Ojibway, Chippewa
(hypernym) Algonquian, Algonquin, Algonquian language

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