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resident of Provence (region in France)
relating to or of Provence (region in France) or its population or its culture
French dialect spoken in Provence; Occitan, language that was once widely spoken in France

Provençal may refer to:
  • Of Provence, a region of France
  • Provençal dialect, a dialect of the Occitan language, spoken in the southeast of France
  • Provençal, meaning the whole Occitan language
  • Franco-Provençal language, a distinct Romance language, which should not be confused with the Occitan language or with the Provençal dialect of the Occitan language
  • Provencal cuisine
  • Provencal wine
  • Provencal, Louisiana, a village in the United States
  • Provencal, an alternative name for the Italian wine grape Dolcetto

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Provencal (Occitan) is an Italic language spoken in France, Italy and Monaco.
The language is: Provencal

1. the medieval dialects of Langue d'oc (southern France)
(synonym) Occitan
(hypernym) Langue d'oc, Langue d'oc French

The Provencal language. See Langue d'oc.
A native or inhabitant of Provence in France.
Of or pertaining to Provence or its inhabitants.

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