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of or pertaining to Rastafarianism; characteristic of Rastafarianism
follower of the Rastafarian religion; one who identifies with the Rastafarian movement

n : follower of rastafarianism [syn: rastafarian, rasta]

Rasta may refer to:
  • Rastafari movement, or a follower of that movement
  • Raasta roko, a form of protest roadblock in India
  • Lester Speight, Lester "Rasta" Speight, African American football player, wrestler and actor who appeared in My Wife and Kids
  • Rasta (Congo), warlords from the Second Congo War
  • Rasta (Mandaeism) a white religious garment of the Mandaean sect
  • Baby Rasta & Gringo, a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo
  • Rasta (film), a 2003 film
  • Stig Rästa (born 1980), Estonian musician

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Raul-Stig Rästa (born 24 February 1980) is an Estonian singer and songwriter who, along with singer Elina Born, represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song "Goodbye to Yesterday".

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1. follower of Rastafarianism
(synonym) Rastafarian
(hypernym) disciple, adherent
(member-holonym) Rastafari, Rastas

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