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institute that offers conflict resolution services to consenting parties that are engaged in a dispute

Vai or VAI has several possible meanings:
  • Vai people
    • Vai language
    • Vai syllabary
    • Vai (Unicode block)
  • Vai (Crete)
  • Văi, a village in Lupșa Commune, Alba County, Romania

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Adil Takhssait, better known by his stage name Vaï as a solo act, and earlier as Mélo (or Mélopsy) during his membership in Les Messagers du Son (LMDS), is a Canadian (Montreal, Quebec) rap and hip hop musician of Moroccan origin. Adil Takhssait was born 24 April 1979 in Paris, France, in a Moroccan family and immigrated to Canada in 1993, and established himself in Montreal. He is an author, composer and performer. He is signed to K.Pone.Inc record label.

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Vai is a Mande language spoken in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
The language is: Vai


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Exchange: NYSE
Holding company with subsidiaries which manufacture, produce and distribute cigarettes and cigars; Research, develop, produce and market seed products; Distribute fresh produce; Manufacture folding boxboard; And produce and print flexible and hard packaging.

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