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god of metalwork and of fire in Roman mythology

Vulcan [from Latin Vulcanus] Astronomers at times have suspected the existence of a planet nearer the sun than Mercury, basing this upon perturbations of more than one kind observed in connection with Mercury and its orbit. Long ago the name Vulcan was suggested for this planet. It has been recorded that on March 26, 1859, a body was seen to be making a transit across the solar disk, yet nothing has been seen of this body since that time, although search has been made for it.
Theosophy teaches that there is a planet, at present generally invisible to human scrutiny, closer to the sun than Mercury, and that it became generally invisible to human sight during the third root-race, after the fall of mankind into physical generation. The ancients spoke of seven sacred planets, and the sun was often enumerated as a substitute or blind for this planet.
Also, the ancient Roman fire god, who has always been identified with the Greek Hephaestos, popularly regarded by the Latins as having his workshops under several volcanic islands, but especially under Mt. Aetna. The isle of Lemnos was always sacred to him. He is represented, as are similar divinities such as the Hindu Visvakarman or Tvashtri, as a fashioner, artificer, or architectural builder of the cosmic structure; and like his counterparts, the smith of the gods and maker of their divine weapons, lord of the constructive arts, master of a thousand handicrafts, etc. Not only was his forge in Olympus supplied with fire, anvils, and all the necessities of a blacksmith, according to the figurative stories of Greek and Latin mythology, but he was attended by automatic handmaidens whom Vulcan himself had fashioned. The deity is prominent in the Homeric poems, where he is represented as the son of Jupiter and Juno.
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A hypothetical planet supposed to lie inside the orbit of Mercury, but always on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth, making it invisible. Originally postulated to account for perturbations in planetary orbits, this planet is no longer supposed to exist by science, although some astrologers claim it as a sort of spiritual entity having power in a horoscope.

\vul"can\ (?), n. [l. vulcanus, volcanus: cf. skr. ulkā a firebrand, meteor. cf. volcano.] (rom. myth.) the god of fire, who presided over the working of metals; -- answering to the greek heph?stus.
n : (roman mythology) god of fire and metal working; counterpart of greek hephaestus [syn: vulcan]

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proper n. vulqan - planet
n. vulqangan - person

Vulcan may refer to:
  • Vulcan (mythology), the god of fire, volcanoes, metalworking, and the forge in Roman mythology
    • Vulcan of the alchemists, the patron deity associated with Paracelsian alchemy

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Vulcan! (1978) is a Star Trek novel by Kathleen Sky. The plot of the book was developed from an undeveloped script outline that Sky had submitted for Star Trek: The Original Series that was positively received by Gene Roddenberry but went unused because of the cancellation of the series.

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1. (Roman mythology) god of fire and metal working; counterpart of Greek Hephaestus
(hypernym) Roman deity
(classification) Roman mythology

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The god of fire, who presided over the working of metals; -- answering to the Greek Hephaestus.

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