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member of the Yoruba people of western Africa
ethnic group which inhabits costal regions of western Africa; language of the Yoruba people

1. a member of a west african people living chiefly in southwestern nigeria [syn: yoruba]

2. a kwa language spoken by the yoruba people in southwestern nigeria [syn: yoruba, aku]

Yoruba may refer to:
  • Yoruba people, a West African ethnic group
  • Yoruba language
  • Yoruba culture
  • Yoruba religion
  • Yorubaland

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Yoruba is a Defoid language spoken in Nigeria and Benin.
The language is: Yoruba

1. a member of a West African people living chiefly in southwestern Nigeria
(hypernym) Nigerian
2. a Kwa language spoken by the Yoruba people in southwestern Nigeria
(synonym) Aku
(hypernym) Kwa

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