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Celtic language
of or pertaining to the Gaels; of or pertaining to the Gaelic language

see under erse
\gael"ic\ (?; 277), a. [gael. gàidhealach, gaelach, from gàidheal, gael, a scotch highlander.] (ethnol.) of or pertaining to the gael, esp. to the celtic highlanders of scotland; as, the gaelic language.
\gael"ic\ (?), n. [gael. gaelig, gàilig.] the language of the gaels, esp. of the highlanders of scotland. it is a branch of the celtic.

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 irish gaelic 

Gaelic is an adjective that means "pertaining to the Gaels". As a noun, it may refer to the group of languages spoken by the Gaels, or to any one of the languages individually.

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Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language spoken in Scotland.
The language is: Scottish Gaelic

1. any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland
(synonym) Goidelic, Erse
(hypernym) Celtic, Celtic language
(hyponym) Irish, Irish Gaelic
1. relating to or characteristic of the Celts
(synonym) Celtic
(pertainym) Celt, Kelt

Gaeilge, Gaelach
Irish or Gaelic language: Gaedhilig, Gaedhilge, Gaedhealg f.

Gaelic Ard 12 YO, De Luxe Blended Scotch Whisky

By: Craig Gordon "Water of Life" in Scots Gaelic.
The word whisky derives from "Usige"

The language of the Gaels, esp. of the Highlanders of Scotland. It is a branch of the Celtic.
Of or pertaining to the Gael, esp. to the Celtic Highlanders of Scotland; as, the Gaelic language.

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