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of or pertaining to a hieroglyph; written in hieroglyphics (pictographic script of the ancient Egyptians); hard to decipher

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\hi`er*o*glyph"ic\ (?), hieroglyphical \hi`er*o*glyph"ic*al\ (?), ] a. [l. hieroglyphicus, gr. &?;; "iero`s sacred + gly`fein to carve: cf. f. hiéroglyphique.]
1. emblematic; expressive of some meaning by characters, pictures, or figures; as, hieroglyphic writing; a hieroglyphic obelisk. pages no better than blanks to common minds, to his, hieroglyphical of wisest secrets. wilson.
2. resembling hieroglyphics; not decipherable. "an hieroglyphical scrawl." w. scott.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs refers to:
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs, a formal alphabetic/logographic writing system of ancient Egypt.
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs (Unicode block), a block of Unicode characters containing the characters of the Gardiner sign list.

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Egyptian hieroglyphs ( ; Egyptian: mdw·w-nṯr, "god's words") were a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians that combined logographic and alphabetic elements. Egyptians used cursive hieroglyphs for religious literature on papyrus and wood. Hieroglyphs are related to two other Egyptian scripts, hieratic and demotic. Early hieroglyphs date back as far as 3,300 BCE, and continued to be used up until the end of the fourth century CE, when non-Christian temples were closed and their monumental use was no longer necessary.

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1. writing that resembles hieroglyphics (usually by being illegible)
(synonym) hieroglyph
(hypernym) writing
2. a writing system using picture symbols; used in ancient Egypt
(synonym) hieroglyph
(hypernym) orthography, writing system
(hyponym) hieratic, hieratic script
1. resembling hieroglyphic writing
(synonym) hieroglyphical
(pertainym) hieroglyph
2. written in or belonging to a writing system using pictorial symbols
(synonym) hieroglyphical
(pertainym) hieroglyph

1. Of, relating to, or being a system of writing, such as that of ancient Egypt, in which pictorial symbols are used to represent meaning or sounds or a combination of meaning and sound. Written with such symbols.

2. Difficult to read or decipher.

hieroglyphic noun

1. A hieroglyph. Often hieroglyphics (used with a sing. or pl. verb.
Hieroglyphic writing, especially that of the ancient Egyptians).

2. Something, such as illegible or undecipherable writing, that is felt
to resemble a hieroglyph

Any character or figure which has, or is supposed to have, a hidden or mysterious significance; hence, any unintelligible or illegible character or mark.
Alt. of Hieroglyphical
A sacred character; a character in picture writing, as of the ancient Egyptians, Mexicans, etc. Specifically, in the plural, the picture writing of the ancient Egyptian priests. It is made up of three, or, as some say, four classes of characters: first, the hieroglyphic proper, or figurative, in which the representation of the object conveys the idea of the object itself; second, the ideographic, consisting of symbols representing ideas, not sounds, as an ostrich feather is a symbol of truth; third, the phonetic, consisting of symbols employed as syllables of a word, or as letters of the alphabet, having a certain sound, as a hawk represented the vowel a.

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