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type of small silvery fish found in salt waters of tropical America

\mo*jar"ra\ (?), n. [sp.] any of certain basslike marine fishes (mostly of tropical seas, and having a deep, compressed body, protracile mouth, and large silvery scales) constituting the family gerrid?, as gerres plumieri, found from florida to brazil and used as food. also, any of numerous other fishes of similar appearance but belonging to other families.

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 yellowfin mojarra 

The mojarras are a family, Gerreidae, of fishes in the order Perciformes. The family includes about 53 species.

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1. small silvery schooling fishes with protrusible mouths found in warm coastal waters
(hypernym) percoid fish, percoid, percoidean
(hyponym) yellowfin mojarra, Gerres cinereus
(member-holonym) Gerreidae, family Gerreidae, Gerridae, family Gerridae

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