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adj dobry His marks were good. They were taught to share, and that can only be good. He's always been good to me. There was no trace of evil in her -- she was good. (valid ) ważny (well-behaved ) grzeczny Were the kids good? dobro nt To him "success" was the highest moral good. Casey should quit for the good of the agency. goods npl towary pl , towar m good! dobrze! to be good at być dobrym w +loc He was very good at talking me out of things. to be good for sth/sb być dobrym do czegoś/dla kogoś It is also good for cleaning paint brushes. it's good for you to (jest) zdrowe Eat it up, it's good for you. it's a good thing you were there dobrze, że tam byłeś she is good with children dobrze sobie radzi z dziećmi to feel good czuć się dobrze it's good to see you miło cię widzieć he's up to no good nie ma dobrych zamiarów for the common good dla wspólnego dobra , dla dobra ogółu would you be good enough to ...? czy zechciałbyś +infin ? that's very good of you to bardzo uprzejmie z twojej strony is this any good? (will it do? ) czy to będzie dobre? I haven't got a proper bottle-opener but is this any good? (what's it like? ) czy to coś dobrego? Is this any good? I was thinking of buying a copy myself. a good deal (of) dużo (+gen ) a good many bardzo wiele take a good look przyjrzyj się dobrze a good while ago dość dawno (temu) to make good (damage ) naprawiać (naprawić perf ) Three years was a short time in which to make good the deficiencies. (loss ) rekompensować (zrekompensować perf ) it's no good complaining nie ma co narzekać for good na dobre The theatre closed down for good. good morning/afternoon! dzień dobry! good evening! dobry wieczór! good night! dobranoc! goods and chattels dobytek

Var. Nothing but is good for something.
Sim. No great loss but some small profit .
Cf. ILL LUCK is good for something.


dobrydobrze; wystarczającodobro

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