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v.i.: 1. a primi cu plăcere, a accepta. Their generous offer was jumped at immediately. ‘How could you jump at such a strange proposal?' [Synonyms: seize eagerly, accept] 2. (fam.) a se arunca asupra, a se repezi. When she saw him after so many years, she jumped at him with all the love in the world. v.i.: a sări, a sări jos; a coborî grăbit jos. "He jumped down from the train before it stopped." (I. Shaw, The Young Lions) "In consternation Tess jumped down, and discovered the dreadful truth." (T. Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles) v.i.: a sări înăuntru; a se repezi (sărind) "She ran to the automobile and jumped in." (E. Caldwell, Tobacco Road) "I saw a piece of branch go skidding by and simply jumped in after it." (J. Steinbeck, Travels with Charley) v.i.: 1. a sări, a se arunca, a-şi da drumul. "Their faces were pleading, a curious near-desperation in their eyes, much as if I'd just announced that I was going to jump off a cliff." (Al. MacLean, Puppet on a Chain) 2. (mil.) a începe, a fi lansat (un atac, etc.) "The attacks jumped off without the usual preliminary bombardment." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) [Synonyms: begin, be launched] v.i.: (sl.) a sări pe (cineva), a se arunca asupra, a tăbărî; a certa, a dojeni, a apostrofa, a ocărî. "He was getting tired of the way Bessie jumped on him and twisted his neck every time he said something she did not want to hear." (E. Caldwell, Tobacco Road) [Synonyms: rate, rebuke, chide, blame, condemn] v.i.: 1. a sări (brusc) afară (din) "They began to jump out of the truck, moving slowly and uncertainly." (N. Mailer, The Naked and the Dead) 2. a se ridica brusc, a se sălta deodată. "'I believe the Spring has come at last,’ said the Giant; and he jumped out of bed and looked out." (O. Wilde, Fairy Tales) v.i.: a sări în picioare, a se ridica pe neaşteptate. "She felt too lazy to move, but she heard the boy bring the tea things in, so she jumped up and ran down into her own bathhouse." (W.S. Maugham, The Force of Circumstance) "Bessie jumped up and ran down into the yard." (E. Caldwell. Tobacco Road) v.i.: a corespunde cu, a coincide cu. ‘The fact that you made inquiries on your own account, doesn't jump with our own intentions of handling this particular case.’

I. 1. saritura , salt
2. tresarire , fior
3. the jumps > (F.) draci , nervi , - neastimpar
4. salt ; crestere brusca
5. trecere / tranzitie brusca
6. supreioritate , avantaj
7. salt ; discontinuitate
II. 1. a sari (peste) (un prag etc.)
2. a face sa sara (calul etc.)
3. a sari de pe (sau) din
4. a sari (peste) , a trece peste , a omite (un capitol etc.)
5. a salta (un copil pe genunchi etc.)
6. a zgudui ; a misca (aparatul de fotografiat etc.)
7. a sari (in tren etc.)
8. a calatori clandestin in (tren)
III. 1. a sari , a salta ; a face o saritura / un salt
2. a sari , a salta
3. (d. preturi etc.) a salta , a creste brusc
4. a sari , a trece repede

(mat) salt; discontinuitate // a sări (peste)

saritura; zdruncinatura; a sari (peste); a depasi; a lasa la o parte jump a (tre)sari; a se repezi

a deraia; a face sa tresara; a i-o lua (cuiva) înainte; a omite; a prinde (din zbor); a praji (cartofi); a pune sa sara(un copil, un cal); a stîrni (vînatul); a sari (un obstacol); a sari, a salta; a tresari; a întrece; delirium tremens; salt, saritura; tresarire

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