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racimo, lío, manojo, racimo de frutas, ramo; hato, agrupación de animales; montón, acumulación de cosas
agrupar, apiñar, formar en grupos; agruparse

v.- apiñar | agrupar | amontonar - s.- racimo | ramillete | manojo | montón | grupo

= grupo.
Ex: They are a very impatient bunch, however: knowing themselves what the technology can do, they can get a little short with obstructionists who raise non-technical objections.
* a bunch of = un grupo de, un puñado de.
* bunch of grapes = racimo de uvas.
* thanks a bunch! = muchísimas gracias.
(v.) = agruparse, apiñarse, amontonarse.
Ex: The scene is all too familiar -- a couple hundred people, weary after their flight, bunch around the cold metallic baggage carousel, waiting for the first bags to appear.


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