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duplicado; comillas


(n.) = idem de idem.

Def: Expresión utilizada para indicar total acuerdo con lo que alguien ha dicho. Igualmente, nombre de las comillas (") que se colocan debajo de una palabra en una lista para evitar repetirla..
Ex: Ditto!.
(n.) = fotocopia.

Def: Especialmente hecha en multicopista y no fotocopiadora.
Ex: Meetings ended with students submitting excerpts that could be used in preparing a class ditto for the following week.
* ditto sheet = fotocopia.
(n.) = multicopista.
Ex: Libarians were sent differing sets of questionnaires where half were typed and then reproduced by ditto and half were reproduced by offset.
(v.) = ratificar, apoyar, corroborar, rearfirmar.
Ex: I received mine yesterday and I'll ditto the fact that they look very professional.

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