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regate, la propulsión de una bola de grifos recurrentes
gotear, escurrir a gotas; babear, babarse, driblar, driblear

goteo; quite, manejo del balón (baloncesto), bailoteo, gambeta
v.- gotear, hacer el quite, manejar el balón, bailotear, hacer gambetas

(n.) = regateo.
Ex: Suggestions are made for improving dribbling techniques in soccer.
(v.) = babear, babosear, caérsele la baba.
Ex: From my experience, in general babies stop dribbling once they pop their teeth.
* dribble at + the mouth = babear, babosear, cáersele la baba.
(v.) = echar poco a poco, gotear, fluir lentamente.
Ex: Beaten stuff was dribbled steadily across the width of an endless belt of woven wire which carried it away from the vat in an even film = La pasta de papel goteaba constantemente sobrre una cinta sin fin hecha de tela metálica, o tamiz, que la transportaba desde la tina formando una capa uniforme.
* dribble in = llegar poco a poco.
* dribble off = disiparse, reducirse poco a poco.
(v.) = driblar, regatear.

Def: Usado en el entorno deportivo.
Ex: One game involves players dribbling a ball to letters attached to sticks driven into the ground, in a particular order that spells a word.

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