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era, edad, eón, época

(n.) = era, época.
Ex: Thus, as we stand on the threshold of what is undoubtedly a new era in catalog control, it is worth considering to what extent the traditional services of the Library will continue in the forms now available.
* bygone era = época pasada.
* common era, the (C.E.) = era cristiana, la.
* electrocopying era, the = era de la copia electrónica, la.
* information era = era de la información.
* in past eras = en épocas anteriores, en el pasado.
* in the digital era = en la era digital.
* modern era, the = era moderna, la.
* photocopying era, the = era de la fotocopia, la.
* pre-Christian era = era anterior al Cristianismo.
* print era, the = era de la imprenta, la.
* reach + the end of an era = llegar al fin de una era.
* Victorian Era, the = época victoriana, la.

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