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hacer alto, hacer un alto; paralizar, detener, parar
parada, alto, cese, frenazo, interrupción, pausa

v.- suspender, detener, paralizar, parar, frenar, pausar. imposibilitar
s.- interrupción, suspensión, pausa, frenado

(n.) = detención, paro.
Ex: The success of the investment campaign has led some to call for a total embargo, which would include an academic boycott and a halt to the sale of books.
* bring to + a (grinding) halt = detener completamente.
* call + a halt on = poner fin a.
* come to + a (dead) halt = detenerse completamente.
* come to + a shuddering halt = detenerse completamente.
* grind to + a (screeching) halt = detenerse completamente.
* skid to + a halt = frenar derrapando, detenerse derrapando.
(v.) = detener, parar, suspender.
Ex: Consequently, a freeze-frame or still-picture effect can be achieved by simply halting the movement of the head across the disc.
* halt + in full flight = detener bruscamente.

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