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niño, chamaco, chaval, chavalo, chiquillo, pequeñuelo; cabrito, chivo; cabritilla
bromear, chancearse, chotear, chulear
los Niños {constelación de estrellas}

v.- bromear | hacer bromas | salir con bromas | chancearses.- niño | escuincle

(n.) = niño, chico, chaval.
Ex: He said they try to arrange special visits to cultural institutions and attend concerts, and that the kids have an opportunity to speak with people connected with the event afterwards.
* city kid = chico de ciudad.
* drop + the kids off at the pool = hacer caca, cagar.
* grandkid = nieto.
* grown-up kid = niño grande.
* have + kids = tener niños, tener hijos.
* new kid on the block = nuevo vecino del barrio.
* whiz(z) kid = prodigio, portento, lince, joven promesa.
* young kid = niño chico.
(n.) = chivo, cabritilla, cabrito, choto.
Ex: Each group was divided into two subgroups consisting of 5 she-goats and their 5 kids, one group for behavioural observations while the other group for physiological and health studies.
(v.) = bromear.
Ex: He was not kidding when he said that Caracas could greet travellers with a slap in the face rather than a warm hug.
(v.) = engañar.
Ex: Who on this earth does she think she is kidding?.

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