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custodiar, monitorear
(inform.) monitor, pantalla, receptor de imagen; instructor, celador (escuela)

v.- monitorear | controlar | detectar | auscultar | vigilar | observar | supervisar | custodiar | coordinar | seguir de cerca | informarse puntualmente | estar pendiente - s.- monitor | detector

monitor en ROM varano observación, supervisión, vigilancia, seguimiento, control, verificación, fiscalización; escucha; dirigiendo, instruyendo, supervisando, revisando, inspeccionando, controlar, observar monitor en forma de onda

Monitor, consola

(n.) = monitor.
Ex: At any point in your search, you can either view the records you have retrieved on your monitor or print them on your printer.
* baby monitor = intercomunicador para bebés, interfono para bebés.
* flat-screen monitor = monitor de pantalla plana.
* monitor screen = pantalla del monitor.
* monochrome monitor = monitor monocromo.
(n.) = varano.
Ex: Monitors are intelligent and curious so give them lots of room to climb, dig and bask.
* lace monitor = varano arborícola.
* monitor lizard = varano.
(v.) = controlar, supervisar, seguir la marcha de, seguir de cerca, coordinar.
Ex: Ideally it should be possible to include some form of student assessment or to monitor the student's progress.
* monitor + developments = estar al tanto, estar al día, estar al corriente.
* monitor + information on = estar informado puntualmente sobre.

consola, supervisar

Monitor,........ monitorear

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