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envío a un especialista | recomendación | remisión | persona recomendada | especialista recomendado

referencia, recomendación, remisión

(n.) = envío a un especialista.
Ex: What is most important is for referral to be regarded as a regular and usual procedure in appropriate cases, one of the quite legitimate weapons in the librarian's armoury, even though one that is normally held in reserve.
* Information and Referral services = servicios de información.
* I&R services (Information and Referral) = servicios de información y referencia.
* referral centre = centro de orientación.
* referral database = base de datos de referencia a especialistas.
* referral network = red de contactos personales.
* referral point = punto de referencia.
* referral process = proceso de referencia.
* referral service = servicio de orientación.
(n.) = referencia.
Ex: In most applications abstracts are announcement media -- without the possibility of referral to the original document severe limitations are imposed upon the value of the abstract.


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