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quedar atascado, abarrancarse, atascarse, atollarse, embarrancarse, encallarse, encenagarse, vararse; poner en el establo; hacer encallar; andar con rodeos
pesebre; puesto, casilla, tenderete; silla de coro, banco de iglesia, sitial; establo; evasiva; butaca; calado de motor; perdida de control (en aeronaves)

v.- detenerse | vararse | caerse (del aire) | calar | estancarse | atascarse | evadir | esquivar | andar con rodeoss.- establo | sala | puesto (de ventas/mercado) | quiosco | casilla | casillero | butaca | evasiva | calado | desprendimiento | pérdida


(Archit) sitial pérdida de sustentación

(n.) = puesto, tenderete, puesto de venta.
Ex: The first step is to bring the library to them by organising stalls and exhibitions in public places.
* bookstall [book stall] = stand de libros.
* food stall = puesto de comida.
* market stall = puesto de mercadillo.
* newspaper stall = quiosco de prensa.
* stall-holder = dueño de puesto de mercadillo, comerciante de puesto de mercadillo.
* stall, the = patio de butacas, el.
(n.) = evasiva.
Ex: Getting back to studies, I don't know what you mean by study, but I'm leery of stalls in the name of study.
(n.) = caballeriza.
Ex: The van was arriving, so he told the stable boys to return the steeds to their stalls and be ready for new steeds being delivered.
(v.) = estancarse, detenerse, pararse.
Ex: In other instances, however, the pay equity process has been stalled becasue of the reluctance on the part of some municipalities to include library workers in their pay equity plans.
* forestall = evitar, prevenir, impedir, frustrar.
(v.) = calarse.
Ex: If I give it a few revs once started and running I don't have a problem with it stalling.
* engine + stall = motor + calarse.

cuadra, establo

Pérdida De Velocidad. Disminución de velocidad hasta el punto en que el avión no puede sostenerse en el aire.

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