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hacer a la medida, ajustar a la medida, cuadrar, hacer a gusto del comprador

corte y confección v.- hacer a la medida | confeccionar a la medida | diseñar a la medida | fabricar a la medida | producir a la medida | acomodar al gusto | entallar | ajustar | personalizar | adecuar | adaptars.- sastre

(v.) = confeccionar, hacer a medida, personalizar, adaptar.
Ex: It's wider in the hips, narrower in the waist, shorter in the leg and tailored to contour the chest area without restriction.
* tailor to + application = hacerse a medida de una aplicación práctica concreta.
* tailor to + demand = adecuar a una necesidad.
* tailor to + meet the specification = hacer a medida para satisfacer los requisitos.
* tailor to + requirement = adaptar a una exigencia.
* tailor to + the needs of = adaptar a las necesidades de.
(n.) = adaptación, ajuste, personalización.
Ex: To haul themselves out of their bog, their networks must facilitate tailoring of records to meet local needs.
(n.) = sastrería, corte y confección.
Ex: This school provides primary education to deaf children and also trains older students in different trades and skills such as carpentry, metalwork and tailoring.

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