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Colocar bajo de-; reforzar desde abajo
estar bajo de, estar debajo de, ser la base de, subyacer; ser subyacente

(n.) = subcapa.
Ex: The thickness of the blocks intended for use in printed books was usually a little under type height, the difference being made up with underlays of paper.
(v.) = Tiempo pasado del verbo underlie (subyacer).

Def: Véase éste y sus derivados para los distintos significados.
Ex: There was a strong unifying ideology which underlay the use of literacy there and a high value attached to the written word carried around by the elite.
(v.) = subyacer.

Def: Verbo irregular: pasado underlay, participio pasado underlain, participio presente underlying.
Ex: The following five principles underlying the construction of LCC are important in determining its character.

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