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resumir, abstraer, compendiar, extractar; remover
abstracto, conceptual
abstracto, compendio, extracto, resumen, sinopsis, sumario

v.- abstraer | considerars.- resumen | abstractoadj.- conceptual | intangible | impalpable


generador de resúmenes

(adj.) = abstracto.
Ex: True of adults, this is even more affectively true of children, who cannot yet comprehend in abstract terms.
* abstract art = arte abstracto.
* abstract idea = idea abstracta.
* abstract style = estilo abstracto.
* abstract thought = pensamiento abstracto.
(n.) = resumen.

Def: Representación breve del contenido del documento, sin interpretación ni crítica.
Ex: An abstract is a concise and accurate representation of the contents of a document, in a style similar to that of the original document.
* abstract journal = revista de resúmenes.
* abstract page = página de resúmenes.
* abstracts based bibliographic database = base de datos bibliográfica de resúmenes.
* abstracts bulletin = boletín de resúmenes.
* abstract sheet = página de resúmenes.
* abstracts journal = revista de resúmenes.
* author abstract = resumen de autor.
* Chemical Abstracts (CA) = Chemical Abstracts (CA).
* Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS) = Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS).
* critical abstract = resumen crítico.
* discipline-oriented abstract = resumen hecho para una disciplina concreta.
* findings-oriented abstract = resumen de resultados.
* highlight abstract = resumen de interés, destinado a despertar el interés del usuario.
* homotopic abstract = resumen homotópico.
* indicative abstract = resumen indicativo.
* indicative-informative abstract = resumen indicativo-informativo.
* informative abstract = resumen informativo.
* International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) = Resúmenes Internacionales de Farmacia (IPA).
* meeting abstract = resumen de comunicación.
* mini-abstract = miniresumen.
* mission-oriented abstract = resumen especial, resumen de misión.
* numerical abstract = resumen numérico.
* ruly abstract = resumen reglado.
* selective abstract = resumen selectivo.
* short abstract = resumen breve.
* slanted abstract = resumen selectivo.
* statistical abstract = resumen estadístico.
* tabular abstract = resumen tabular.
* telegraphic abstract = resumen telegráfico.
(v.) = resumir.
Ex: For example, a paper that discusses diseases in dogs, cats, and chickens might have only the part about dogs abstracted if the user group is doing research on diseases in dogs.
(v.) = abstraer.
Ex: Knowledge level description is a proposal that emphasizes the knowledge content and usage and abstracts away implementation details.

descolgar, resumen, abstracto, prescindir

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