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frenillo dental (en ortodoncia);(inform.) llaves { }
reforzar, afirmar, apuntalar, dar firmeza a; sujetar, asegurar, sujetar fuertemente; vigorizar, revitalizar
refuerzo, abrazadera, grapón; aparato ortopédico, frenillo dental, aparato de ortodoncia; tirante; par

ortodoncia fija | frenillo | aparato ortopédico | tirantes | tirantas (pantalones) | abrazadera | refuerzo v.- estabilizar | reforzar | apuntalar | fortalecer | fijar | asegurars.- freno dental | gancho dental | abrazadera | travesaño | riostra | puntal | apoyo | soporte

abrazadera; (Arch) riostra, jabalcón, tornapunta; braguero, corsé, vendaje

(n.) = tirantes.
Ex: This article looks at hair, eyes, makeup, jewellery, ties, suits, braces, footwear, perfume and other aspects of dress, and describes what is considered appropriate and correct for librarians.
(n.) = llave.

Def: Signo tipográfico.
Ex: This article considers the special typographical case of large characters such as braces.
(n.) = abrazadera.
Ex: A spoken dialogue between the system and the trainee would proceed as follows: System 'Try to assemble the air compressor' Trainee : 'How?' System: 'Install pump, install pump brace, install pulley, install belt housing cover.
(v.) = asegurar, coger, fijar.
Ex: The cheeks were braced from their tops to the ceiling, to prevent the press from twisting or shifting about in use.
* brace for = prepararse para.
* brace + Reflexivo = prepararse.
(v.) = sujetar abarcando.
Ex: If they stared up at the arbour of sheets of paper hanging from the cords attached to the ceiling, they knocked their hats off on the iron bars which braced the presses.


brackets, ortodoncia fija

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