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vajilla vajilla,
plato, trasto de cocina; manjar, platillo

v.- servir | dar | suministrars.- trasto | plato | platillo | manjar | antena direccional | antena parabólica

marmita placa de petri plato, fuente; antena parabólica

(n.) = plato.
Ex: She put the dishes in the sink, locked the balcony door, found her purse, and sallied forth.
* alms dish = platillo para limosnas.
* casserole dish = cazuela, marmita.
* dirty dish = plato sucio.
* dishwasher = lavavajillas.
* dishwashing = lavado de platos.
* do + the dishes = lavar los platos, fregar los platos.
* main dish = primer y segundo plato, plato fuerte.
* national dish, the = plato nacional, el.
* petri dish = placa de Petri, caldo de cultivo.
* side dish = guarnición, acompañamiento.
* wash + the dishes = lavar los platos, fregar los platos.
(n.) = antena parabólica.
Ex: Telephony and data communication require point-to-point transmission (from a specific transmitting dish aerial to another, receiving dish).
* dish aerial = antena parabólica.
* satellite dish = antena parabólica.
* dish out = desembolsar, apoquinar, aflojar, servir, repartir, repartir a diestro y siniestro, repartir a manos llenas.

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