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quejarse continuamente, expresar inconformidad
bulla, agitación, alboroto, alharaca, bochinche, disturbio, jaleo, ruido; aspaviento, berrinche, remilgos, tremolina

v.- preocuparse | sobreproteger | molestarses.- alboroto | agitación | bulla | alharaca | aspaviento | ceremonia | escándalo | bochinche

s. alboroto, escándalo, conmoción, bulla; atenciones; quejas, protesta; aspaviento; trámites; ceremoniasv. preocuparse; fastidiar, molestar; agitarse, preocuparse

(n.) = aspaviento, ceremonia, alboroto, escándalo, jaleo.
Ex: Hernandez decided that if he wished to survive in this restrictive atmosphere his options were clearly the following: don't make waves, do a good job with no fuss of which he could be proud, and try to gain Balzac's respect.
* kick up + a fuss = montar un número, montar un numerito, montar un cirio, armar un escándalo, armar un lío, armar una bronca, armar la de San Quintín, armar bulla, hacer bulla, montar bulla, armarla, poner el grito en el cielo, ponerse (hecho/como) un energúmeno, ponerse (como/hecho) un diablo, llevar a Uno el diablo, llevar a Uno (todos) los diablos, ponerse (hecho/como) un demonio, llevar a Uno el demonio, llevar a Uno (todos) los demonios.
(v.) = quejarse.
Ex: A baby who fusses, cries or displays other colicky symptoms is most likely reacting quite negatively to something that his or her mother is eating.
* fuss with = manipular, retocar, juguetear con.

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