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reunión, asamblea, concurrencia, encuentro de todos, tertulia; atesoramiento, acopiamiento, recogimiento, recolecta
recoger, acopiar, acumular, colectar, juntar, recolectar, reunir; tener entendido, leer entrelíneas; reunirse, congregarse; inferir, deducir; recabar, recopilar

recolección | recogida | recogimiento | acopio | recolecta | acumulación | compilación | acoplamiento | tertulia | reunión | evento | función | asamblea | concurrencia | congregación v.- recaudar | acopiar | aunar | reunir | congregar | concurrir | darse cita | acudir | conseguir | acumular | convenir | entender | suponer

(v.) = recoger, reunir, acumular, acopiar, recopilar, contener, allegar.
Ex: A bibliography is a list of materials or items which is restricted in its coverage by some feature other than the materials being gathered in one library collection.
* a rolling stone gathers no moss = piedra movediza nunca moho la cobija.
* gather + a following = ganarse seguidores, ganarse partidarios.
* gather + a perspective = obtener una perspectiva.
* gather + dust = acumular polvo, recoger polvo.
* gather + energy = reponer fuerzas.
* gather + evidence = recoger pruebas.
* gather + information = recoger información, recopilar información.
* gather + material = recoger material, reunir material.
* gather + momentum = ganar ímpetu, cobrar intensidad, cobrar velocidad.
* gather + pace = ganar ímpetu, cobrar intensidad, cobrar velocidad.
* gather + Reflexivo = recobrar fuerzas, recuperar fuerzas.
* gather + speed = ganar ímpetu, cobrar intensidad, cobrar velocidad.
* gather + steam = ganar ímpetu, ganar fuerza.
* gather + strength = cobrar fuerza, cobrar ímpetu, ganar fuerza, ganar ímpetu.
* gather together = reunir.
* gather up = recoger, reunir, acumular.
* gather up + courage = armarse de coraje, armarse de valor, tener coraje, tener valor, echarle coraje, echarle valor, hacerse de coraje, hacerse de valor.
(v.) = deducir.
Ex: Her attitude enabled him, and everyone else on the staff from what he could gather in the brief time he had been there, to establish a pleasant familiarity with her.
(v.) = suponer.
Ex: The script was improvised on an outline which, I gathered, was the result of three sessions' hard talking to decide whose ideas out of the many suggested should be used.
(n.) = recogida, compilación, recolección.
Ex: Wherever abstracts are found they are included to save the user's time in information gathering and selection.
* data gathering [data-gathering] = recogida de datos.
* fact-gathering = recogida de datos.
* gathering storm = amenaza de tormenta, tormenta que se avecina.
* information gathering = recogida de información.
(n.) = reunión, agrupación.
Ex: This institution offers not only a wide range of information but also the facility of a meeting room, a drop-in lounge for social gatherings, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, displays, playgroups, coffee breaks, informal chats, seminars, study groups, films and slide shows.
* family gathering = reunión familiar.
* gathering place = lugar de encuentro.
* social gathering = reunión social, fiesta.
(n.) = alzado.

Def: En encuadernación, forma de coser las hojas que componen un libro en parejas.
Ex: The groups of leaves thus sewn together are known as gatherings, and each gathering will consist of one or more pairs of leaves joined at the back, and will have been made from one folded sheet, or a fraction of a sheet, or from several folded sheets tucked one inside another.
* gathering machine = alzadora, máquina de alzar.


Reunión, asamblea, agrupación

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