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marzo; marcha; frontera
marchar, ir; marcar el paso
marcha; caminata; progreso, avance; distancia que recorrer a pie; música que acompaña a los caminantes, a los soldados en marcha; frontera, límite

v.- marchar | protestar | demostrars.- marcha | protesta | demostración | marzo

loco de remate, más loco que una cabra retornar, regresar, retroceder

= marzo.
Ex: Her 'tour of duty' extended from the end of September 1987 to the end of March of the following year, summertime for the Southern Hemisphere.
(n.) = avance, marcha.
Ex: The march of information technology has changed service presentation but the media which are used today are those which have served public librarians for years.
* dead march = marcha fúnebre.
* march music = música de marcha.
* night march = marcha nocturna.
* steal + a march on = anticiparse a Alguien, adelantarse a Alguien, ganarle la mano a Alguien.
(v.) = caminar con resolución.
Ex: And thirdly and most importantly, I am concerned about some movements which I think symptomatize ideological deterioration and would have us, as someone put it, march boldly backwards into the future.
* march off = alejarse, salir.
* march on = continuar inexorablemente, continuar implacablemente.
* march to + Posesivo + orders = acatar + Posesivo + órdenes, obedecer.
* time + march on = tiempo + pasar, tiempo + avanzar inexorablemente, tiempo + seguir su marcha inexorable.


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