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ojear, asomarse, atisbar, echar una mirada furtiva, echar una ojeada furtiva, fisgar, mirar furtivamente; piar
ojeada, mirada furtiva

(n.) = colegas, gente.

Def: Expresión coloquial derivada de la palabra people.
Ex: There were 6 peeps in the water and most were familiar faces.
(n.) = mirada, vistazo, miradita, ojeadita.
Ex: A peep into her mind would have revealed that she was quite apprehensive about the immensity of the assignment.
* a peep of light = un rayo de luz esperanzador.
* peep show = espectáculo privado.
(v.) = atisbar, bichar, mirar a hurtadillas, mirar furtivamente, espiar.
Ex: While peeping is an offense, it falls under 'disorderly conduct,' and therefore the possible punishments are very limited.
* peep in = asomarse a hurtadillas.

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