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citar; abrir comillas; aludir; cotizar, ofrecer cotización; poner entre comillas
cita; comilla

v.- citar textualmente | mencionar | cotizars.- mención | cita textual | cotización | comilla

comillas simples

(n.) = cita.
Ex: Kilgour, from whom the above quote is taken, believes that with such catalogues 'it will not be necessary to have extensive descriptive cataloging rule systems'.
(n.) = presupuesto, precio.
Ex: This is the most cost-effective method of acquisition because of the opportunity to choose the least expensive quote from multiple quotes through increasing purchasing power.
* stock quote = cotización, cotización de bolsa.
* stock-quote server = servidor de bolsa.
(v.) = citar textualmente, mencionar.
Ex: Guidelines can be expected to discuss standard forms of quoting chemical nomenclature and mathematical expressions.
* misquote = citar mal.
* oft-quoted = frecuentemente citado.
* quote + Nombre + words = citar las palabras de Alguien.
* quote ... unquote = palabras literales.
* quote + verbatim = citar literalmente.
* to quote + Nombre de Persona = según las palabras de.
(v.) = cotizar, cotizarse.
Ex: At the beginning of August the shares of the firm started being quoted on the Stock Exchange under the name BG.


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