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Tsukune in English
(Japanese cooking) balls of minced chicken placed on a skewers and grilled

Dictionary source: Babylon English-English
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Tsukune in Arabic
(طبخ يابانى) كرات دجاج مفروم موضوعة على أسياخ ويتم شوائها

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Arabic Dictionary
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Tsukune in Spanish
(Cocina japonesa) bolas de pollo picado coloca sobre una parrilla y pinchos

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Spanish Dictionary
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Tsukune in Portuguese
(Culinária Japonesa) tsukune, bolas de carne moída de galina colocadas no espeto e grelhadas

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Portuguese Dictionary
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Tsukune in Turkish
(Japon mutfağı) şişe geçirilmiş ve ızgarada pişirilmiş kıyılmış tavuk topları

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Turkish Dictionary
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Tsukune in German
Tsukune, aufgespießte und gegrillte Hühner-Hackfleischfrikadellen

Dictionary source: Babylon English-German Dictionary
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Tsukune in Japanese
(日本料理)つくね, 鶏のひき肉をボールにして串に刺し焼いたもの

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Japanese Dictionary
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Tsukune in Hebrew
(בישול יפני) כדורי בשר עוף טחון משופדים וצלויים

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Hebrew Dictionary
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Tsukune in English
is a Japanese chicken meatball most often cooked yakitori style (but also can be fried or baked) and sometimes covered in a sweet soy or yakitori "tare", which is often mistaken for teriyaki sauce.

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