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Xiang in English
Xiang or Hsiang may refer to:
  • Xiang River, river in South China
  • Xiang Island , a former island in the Yangtze estuary now forming part of Chongming Island in Shanghai
  • Hunan, abbreviated in Chinese as Xiang, a province of China
  • Xiang Chinese, a group of Chinese varieties spoken in Hunan
  • The Xiang Army raised in Hunan by Zeng Guofan during the Qing dynasty
  • Townships of the People's Republic of China and Taiwan 
  • Xiang (surname), three unrelated surnames: and (both Xiàng) and (Xiang)
  • Xiang (place), the site of Hong Xiuquan's destruction of a Chinese idol early in the Taiping Rebellion

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Townships , formally township-level divisions , are the basic level (fourth-level administrative units) of political divisions in China. They are similar to municipalities and communes in other countries and in turn may contain village committees and villages. In 1995 there were 29,502 townships and 17,532 towns (a total of 47,034 township-level divisions) in China.

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Xiang is a language spoken in Hunan Province, parts of Sichuan, and parts of Guangxi and Guangdong provinces, China.
The language is: Xiang

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Xiang in Russian
(0) сянцзян

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