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Clerk in Persian
=> clergé1
Selon le sens de ces mots en grec, le clerc est un lettré, le laïque l'homme du peuple, considéré par opposition au clerc comme ignorant (profane en telle ou telle matière).

(Analyse de J.- M. MUGLIONI dans "Qu'est-ce que les Lumières" de KANT, Collection Les classiques HATIER de la philosophie, p. 41)
WORD HISTORY : Cleric, clerk, and clark all come from Latin clêricus, “a man in a religious order, a man in holy orders.” Cleric appears in Old English about 975 and lasts into the 13th century. Clerc appears in late Old English, around 1129, and was identical in spelling and pronunciation with Old French clerc, “belonging to the (Christian) clergy.” In the Middle Ages the clergy were the only literate class and were often employed as scribes, secretaries, or notaries. By about 1200 clerc had acquired the meaning “pupil, scholar,” as we see in Chaucer's “clerk of Oxenford” in The Canterbury Tales (around 1386). Clerks were also of necessity employed in keeping accounts and recording business transactions; this is the source of the modern sense of clerk. By the early 17th century, the word clerk had become completely ambiguous; it could refer equally to a clergyman or to an accountant. For this reason cleric (spelled Clericke and with its modern pronunciation) was introduced or reintroduced from Latin or Greek as both a noun and an adjective to refer specifically to a member of the clergy. The pronunciation (klärk), spelled clark and clerk, arose in the south of England during the 15th century and is today the Received Pronunciation of clerk in the United Kingdom. The modern American pronunciation (klûrk) more closely represents the older pronunciation. The pronunciation (klärk) is used in the United States only in the proper name Clark. The south England sound change responsible for the pronunciation (klärk) also gave rise to parson (beside person), varsity (beside university), and even varmint (beside vermin).

2 fra. grand clerc, C'est un clerc, il est clerc ; eng. scholar

3 fra. clerc d'un notaire ; eng. clerk

Dictionary source: French Persian Dictionary
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