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Cool in English
calm, relaxed, peaceful

Dictionary source: Babylon French-English Dictionary
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Cool in Italian
(anglic.) agg. inv. - 1. (fam.) calmo e disteso 2. (fam.) (ling. giovanile) gradevole, piacevole, simpatico
baba cool (al pl. babas cool): persona che, negli anni '70, adottava il modo di vita e i temi non violenti ed ecologici del movimento hippie

Dictionary source: French Italian Dictionary
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Cool in Persian

1 paranda ; eng. owl, hoot
fra. la chouette aveugle : buf e kur

2 eng. cool
xonok !
bah/vah !
ce xub o niku !
Bah ce zibâ bud agar pâiz budam.

(Fruq FFARROXZÂD) Nonchalant, the French word, is the past participle of nonchaloir, indifferent to or without concern for. Chaloir, the French verb "to have concern (for)" itself comes from the Latin term calere for hot. Hence, in one of those strange reversals that language tends to exhibit, the literal Latin term for not hot ends up meaning "cool" in English, a term for… not hot.garm-na-šod-ani (pbp.)

1 eng. worry-free, winsome, light-hearted

2 eng. listless

Dictionary source: French Persian Dictionary
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Cool in Bulgarian
[kul] adj. inv. (angl. cool "frais") 1. jazz ~ джаз в бавен ритъм; 2. разг. спокоен и отпуснат; interj. ~! спокойно!

Dictionary source: French-Bulgarian Dictionary
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