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Loisir in English
leisure, spare time

Dictionary source: Babylon French-English Dictionary
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Loisir in English

Dictionary source: French-English Online Dictionary
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Loisir in German

Dictionary source: ADO's French German Dictionary
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Loisir in Turkish
[le] boş vakit, uygun vakit

Dictionary source: French - Turkish Dictionary (M. Yildiz)
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Loisir in Italian
s. m. - 1. tempo libero 2. tempo necessario per fare con calma qlco. - à loisir, tout à loisir: con comodo, senza affrettarsi - avoir le loisir de: avere il tempo disponibile, la possibilità di
s. m. pl. - passatempi, svaghi

Dictionary source: French Italian Dictionary
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Loisir in Persian
Loisir est un infinitif, anciennement usité, qui signifiait être permis, du latin licere (=> LICET). Le loisir est donc proprement licence, permission, d'où le sens de temps accordé, temps laissé libreâ-zâd-zamân-i
â-sâ-y-eš( ye zamân-i)
=> fra. à loisir
Loisir, oisivité. Loisir, qui vient du verbe latin licere, être permis, est un temps de liberté, où l'on a permission d'agir ou de ne pas agir. L'oisivité est un temps d'inaction.
Parler de développement des loisirs - au sens d’un temps libre de toute contrainte, d’une « disponibilité absolue », dit le dictionnaire - n’a rien d’évident, car ils n’ont pas du tout pour fonction de libérer le temps individuel, mais bien de le contrôler pour l’hypermassifier : ce sont les instruments d’une nouvelle servitude volontaire.

(Le désir asphyxié, ou comment l ’industrie culturelle détruit l’individu )
Leisure is essential to civilization, and in former times leisure for the few was only rendered possible by the labors of the many. But their labors were valuable, not because work is good, but because leisure is good. And with modern technique it would be possible to distribute leisure justly without injury to civilization.

(B. RUSSELL, In Praise of Idleness )
To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization, and at present very few people have reached this level.

(Bertrand Russell)
It ought to be open to all who so desire to do short hours of work for little pay, and devote their leisure to whatever pursuit happens to attract them. No doubt the great majority of those who chose this course would spend their time in mere amusement, as most of the rich do at present. But it could not be said, in such a society, that they were parasites upon the labor of others. And there would be a minority who would give their hours of nominal idleness to science or art or literature, or some other pursuit out of which fundamental progress may come. In all such matters, organization and system can only do harm. The one thing that can be done is to provide opportunity, without repining at the waste that results from most men failing to make good use of the opportunity.

(B.RUSSELL, Political Ideals )
Plato, in common with most Greek philosophers, took the view that leisure is essential to wisdom, which will therefore not be found among those who have to work for their living, but only among those who have independent means or who are relieved by the State from anxieties as to their subsistence. This point of view is essentially aristocratic.

(B. RUSSELL, History of Western Philosophy, p. 123-4)
[for Aristotle]Contemplation is preferable to war or politics or any other practical career, because i allows leisure, and leisure is essential to happyness.

(B. RUSSELL, History of Western Philosophy, p. 192)

Dictionary source: French Persian Dictionary
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Loisir in Bulgarian
m. (du lat. lucere "permettre") 1. свободно (от работа) време; aux heures de ~ през свободното време; avoir des ~s разполагам със свободно време; 2. loc. adv. а ~ по желание, охолно; колкото ми се иска; а mon premier ~ при първото ми свободно време, при пръв удобен случай; 3. pl. занимания през свободното време; 4. ост. положение, при което е позволено да се направи нещо; laisser а qqn. le ~ de faire qqch. позволявам на някого да направи нещо.

Dictionary source: French-Bulgarian Dictionary
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Loisir in Azerbaijani
m asudə vaxt 

Dictionary source: French - Azerbaijanian Dictionary
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Loisir in Spanish
ocio, ratos libres, tiempo libre à loisir » con tiempo; sin prisas;
con tranquilidad

Dictionary source: French Spanish Dictionary
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Dictionary source: French Spanish Dictionary (wpv)
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