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Mentor Translation

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Mentor in English
mentor, adviser, counselor

Dictionary source: Babylon French-English Dictionary
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Mentor in German

Dictionary source: ADO's French German Dictionary
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Mentor in Turkish
"[le] lala, eğitici; akıl hocası"

Dictionary source: French - Turkish Dictionary (M. Yildiz)
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Mentor in Persian

rah-namâ( ye kâr-košta)
... Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi, a theologian regarded by many as Ahmadinejad's mentor.

(Iranians go to the polls)

Dictionary source: French Persian Dictionary
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Mentor in Bulgarian
[mRtOr] m. (nom d'un personnage de l'Odyssйe) ментор, наставник, съветник, опекун на млад човек.

Dictionary source: French-Bulgarian Dictionary
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