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Nonchalant in English
nonchalant, indolent

Dictionary source: Babylon French-English Dictionary
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Nonchalant in German

Dictionary source: ADO's French German Dictionary
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Nonchalant in Turkish
"gevşek, gayretsiz; kayıtsız"

Dictionary source: French - Turkish Dictionary (M. Yildiz)
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Nonchalant in Italian
agg. - noncurante, indifferente

Dictionary source: French Italian Dictionary
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Nonchalant in Persian
Nonchalant, the French word, is the past participle of nonchaloir, indifferent to or without concern for. Chaloir, the French verb "to have concern (for)" itself comes from the Latin term calere for hot. Hence, in one of those strange reversals that language tends to exhibit, the literal Latin term for not hot ends up meaning "cool" in English, a term for… not hot.garm-na-šod-ani (pbp.)

1 eng. worry-free, winsome, light-hearted

2 eng. listless

Dictionary source: French Persian Dictionary
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Nonchalant in Bulgarian
e adj. (de non et chalant) 1. небрежен, нехаен, немарлив, отпуснат, ленив; равнодушен; 2. безгрижен, лекомислен. Ќ Ant. actif, ardent, vif.

Dictionary source: French-Bulgarian Dictionary
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Nonchalant in Spanish
desenvuelto, despreocupado, descuidado, negligente, libre de preocupaciones, inconsciente

Dictionary source: French Spanish Dictionary
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