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Object in Persian
Lat. objectare, de ob, et jactare, jeter (=> JETER). Une plus ancienne forme est objicer, tiré directement d'objicere.dar andâxtan/afgandan (pbp.)

brun/dar afgandan

2 fra. objecteur, objection ; eng. objector, fierce objections, objectionable
(dar) bar(-â-bar) istâdan
dar oftâdan
xorda greftan
The system of scholarships obtained by competition, though better than nothing, is objectionable from many points of view. It introduces the competitive spirit into the work of the very young; it makes them regard knowledge from the standpoint of what is useful in examinations rather than in the light of its intrinsic interest or importance; it places a premium upon that sort of ability which is displayed precociously in glib answers to set questions rather than upon the kind that broods on difficulties and remains for a time rather dumb. What is perhaps worse than any of these defects is the tendency to cause overwork in youth, leading to lack of vigor and interest when manhood has been reached. It can hardly be doubted that by this cause, at present, many fine minds have their edge blunted and their keenness destroyed.

(B. RUSSELL, Proposed Roads To Freedom)
1 but, eng. goal, aim, object, end
âmâj( e dar-negar)
It is natural to regard desire as in its essence an attitude towards something which is imagined, not actual; this something is called the END or OBJECT of the desire, and is said to be the PURPOSE of any action resulting from the desire.

(B. RUSSELL, The Analysis of Mind )

2 falsafi, dâneš
eyni (ar.)
This new sense is objective, in the sense that it does not depend upon the opinions and feelings of the agent.

Where certainty is unattainable, a rational man will give most weight to the most probable opinion, while retaining others, which have an appreciable probability, in his mind as hypotheses which subsequent evidence may show to be preferable. This, of course, assumes that it is possible in many cases to ascertain facts and probabilities by an objective method--i.e., a method which will lead any two careful people to the same result.

(B. RUSSELL, Sceptical essays, p. 33) du lat. objectum, cose mise en avant, de objicere (=> OBJECTION)
objet signifiant devant soi, et subjet, sous soi : le sujet c'est sur quoi l'on travaille ; l'objet c'est ce à quoi l'on vise.
=> jeterdar-afganda (pbp.)

1 falsafe


Dictionary source: French Persian Dictionary
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