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Pen in Persian
de pæne «presque»?? PIE *pot-/pet-/pt- "fly, flow." the vowelless variant with the suffix -r turns up in pteron "wing," found in pterodactyl "wing-finger." The same vowelless variant is found in Russian pt-ica "bird." English inherited the e-variant with the same r-suffix as Greek, *pet-r-. When [p] became [f] and [t] became [th], we got "feather." Sanskrit pattram "feather, leaf" shares the same source, as does Latin penna "feather, wing" from earlier *pet-na.1 fra. plumage ; eng. feather
par( e paranda) (plv.)

2 eng. pen
xod-nevis du lat. pæne «presque»nazdik-

Dictionary source: French Persian Dictionary
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