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Valve in English
valve, device that controls the flow of a liquid through a passage or a pipe; membranous flap that controls the direction and/or flow of bodily fluids; one of two shells in a bivalve mollusc; device which changes the pitch in a wind instrument

Dictionary source: Babylon French-English Dictionary
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Valve in English

Dictionary source: French-English Online Dictionary
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Valve in German
Fruchtklappe;Klappe;Muschel;Röhre;Ventil klappenförmig

Dictionary source: ADO's French German Dictionary
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Valve in Turkish
"[la] çenet; valf, supap"

Dictionary source: French - Turkish Dictionary (M. Yildiz)
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Valve in Italian
s. f. - 1. valvola 2. (zool.) valva

Dictionary source: French Italian Dictionary
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Valve in Bulgarian
f. (sens du lat. valva) 1. зоол. едната половина от черупка на мекотели и ракообразни; 2. бот. половинка от шушулка, люспа (която се отваря при зреене); 3. тех. клапа, вентил; 4. радио катодна лампа; ~ amplificatrice усилвателна лампа; диод; 5. f. pl. (Белгия) табло за обяви. Ќ ~s cardiaques анат. сърдечни клапи. e adj. (de valva) който се образува от две половини (черупки, шушулки и др.).

Dictionary source: French-Bulgarian Dictionary
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