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millet, type of grass that is cultivated for its grain which is mostly used as fodder, grain harvested from millet grass

(Pflanze, Fam: Süssgräser)
la: Panicum miliare
tr: küçük darý (Pflanze, Fam: Süssgräser)
la: Digitaria sanguinalis
en: large crabgrass, hairy finger-grass
fr: digitaire sanguine
it: sanguinella comune
nl: harig vingergras, bloedgierst (Pflanze, Fam: Süssgräser)
la: Panicum miliaceum
en: millet
es: mijo, millo
fr: millet
it: panico coltivato, miglio
nl: pluimgierst, gierst
pl: proso zwyczajne
fi: hirssi
tr: akdarý, darý (Pflanze, Fam: Süssgräser)
la: Panicum capillare
en: common millet, broom-corn millet
fr: panic capillaire
it: panico capillare


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