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that's enough;to arrive;to suffice;to live to be

(pe cineva din urmă) = to catch up (to)
(pe cineva din urmă) = to come up with
(pe cineva din urmă) = to get up to / with
fig. to match
fig. to equal
(la învăţătură etc.) = to come up with
(a prinde ceva) = to catch
(a prinde ceva) = to overtake
(un vas, mar.) = to come up with
(un vas, mar.) = to reach / gain (up)on ...
(ca inamic) = to catch up
(la întreceri de regate) = to bump
vânăt. to take
vânăt. to catch
(a atinge) = to touch
(a apuca) = to seize
(a ajunge la) = to reach
fig. to attain
fig. to gain
fig. to carry
fig. to secure
(a nimeri) = to hit
(a apuca, a trăi) = (to live) to see
(un vas, mar.) = to join ... (at sea)
reciproc to meet
(a fi destul) = to suffice
(a fi destul) = to be enough / sufficient
fig. to make one's mark
fig. to come into one's own
fig. to reach a fine position
fig. to get a safe berth
(a parveni) = to be an upstart / a mushroom
(a parveni) = to climb the social scale
fig. to get / be there
(a veni) şi fig. (la) = to come (to)
(a sosi) = to arrive (at)
(a fi de-ajuns) = to do
(a fi de-ajuns) = to suffice
(a fi de-ajuns) = to be enough / sufficient
(a deveni) = to become
(a fi făcut) = to be madea ajunge (până) la (a atinge) = to touch ... ; to reach to ...
a ajunge (până) la (a dura) = to last till / until ...
a ajunge acasă = to reach home
a ajunge avocat = to become a barrister / solicitor; to be called to the bar
a ajunge bine = to raise oneself very high
a ajunge cu bine = to arrive (quite) safe; on and on they went
a ajunge cu trenul de şapte = to arrive by the seven o'clock train
a ajunge de râsul lumii = to become a laughing stock (of others)
a ajunge departe = to get far; to get on (in the world) to go a long / great way; to attain eminence
a ajunge în frunte şi fig. = to come to the front; to get to the top of the hill
a ajunge în puterea cuiva = to come into smb.'s hands
a ajunge la ... = to arrive to ... ; to reach ... ; to come to ...
a ajunge la ... (a atinge) = to attain ...
a ajunge la ... (a câştiga) = to gain ...
a ajunge la ... (a dobândi) = to obtain ... ; to get ...
a ajunge la ... (prin efort) = to acquire ...
a ajunge la cele mai înalte onoruri = to come / be promoted to the highest honours
a ajunge la cineva = to gain access to smb.
a ajunge la cineva = to get admittance to smb.
a ajunge la destinaţie = to arrive at one's destination
a ajunge la o concluzie (repede) = to jump at a conclusion
a ajunge la o concluzie = to arrive at a conclusion
a ajunge la o convingere = to be brought to a conviction
a ajunge la o înţelegere = to come to an understanding / to terms
a ajunge la o vârstă înaintată = to reach a great age; to attain old age
a ajunge la perfecţiune = to attain perfection
a ajunge la putere = to come in(to) power
a ajunge la vârsta de 20 ani = to have attained one's 20th year
a ajunge până la tavan = to touch the ceiling
a ajunge pe mâna cuiva = to fall into smb.'s hands
a ajunge pe urmele cuiva = to get on smb.'s track
a ajunge pe urmele cuiva = to track smb.
a ajunge prea târziu = to come too late; to come a day after the fair
a ajunge prost / rău = to get / be brought low; to go down
a ajunge să (a fi de-ajuns să) = to be enough / sufficient to ...
a ajunge să (a începe) = to begin ... ; to start ...
a ajunge să (a reuşi să) = to succeed in
a ajunge să (cu forme în -ing) = to manage to ...
a ajunge să fie cunoscut = to become known
a ajunge să se bucure de ... = to live to see great joy from ...
a ajunge târziu = to arrive / come late
a ajuns căpitan = he has been promoted to captain
a ajuns în stare bună = it is safe; it has come through safely
a ajuns la situaţia când / că ... = he is in such a situation that ...
a ajuns până acolo încât ... = he has gone to the length of ... ; he has gone so far as to ...
a ajuns prea departe fig. = he's pushing it too far; he is going too far; he overshoots himself
a ajuns unde a vrut = he has carried his point
ai ajuns la asta? = have you come (down) to that?
ajungă-ţi de glumă = enough of joking!; stop joking!; have done with your jokes!
ajunge (!) (tăcere) = shut up
ajunge cu cearta! = have done quarrelling!; a truce to quarrelling!
ajunge cu plânsul! = no more tears!; have done crying
ajunge pentru moment = enough for now
ajunge pentru moment = so much for the present
ajunge să spunem că ... = suffice it to say that ...
ajunge(!) (tăcere) = silence!; keep quiet!; stop talking!
ajunge(!) = it is sufficient / enough; it will do
ajunge(!) exclamativ = enough!; that'll do / serve
am ajuns la ideea că ... = I have been brought to the conviction that ...
apa îi ajunge până la genunchi = the water comes up to his knees; the water is knee-deep
a-şi ajunge scopul / ţinta = to attain / gain one's end; to come to one's end; to carry one's point; to hit one's aim
au mers cale lungă să le ajungă = they went a fair distance; they went a good step / stretch
au mers cale lungă să le ajungă = they went on and on
băiatul ăsta o să ajungă cineva = the boy will do well; the boy is promising well
cât timp o să ne ajungă (asta)? = how long will that suffice?; how far will it go?
cum (de) aţi ajuns la aceasta? = how did you come to that?
cum a ajuns el să afle asta? = how came he to know it?
dacă lucrurile au ajuns aici = if things have come to such a pass
înainte de a ajunge acolo fig. = before things can come to that (pitch) before things are reduced to that (extremity)
încă nu-ţi ajunge? = haven' you enough yet?; are you not yet satisfied?
încet, încet, departe ajungi = soft and fair goes far; slow and steady wins the race
lucrurile n-au ajuns încă până acolo = it has not come to that yet
lucrurile n-au ajuns încă până acolo = matters have not come to that yet
mai-mai să ajungă la bătaie = they nearly came to blows
mă ajunsese oboseala = I was overcome by fatigue
mi-a trecut prin minte ideea că ... = I hit upon the idea that ... ; the idea struck me that ...
mie îmi ajunge = that's enough / sufficient for me; that will do for me
n-am ajuns încă până acolo = I have not got so far (yet)
ne ajunse furtuna pe drum = the storm overtook us on the way
nu ajunge = it falls short; it won' do
nu ajunge? = isn't that enough?; won't that do?
nu vom ajunge la nici un rezultat dacă ... = we shall get nowhere if ...
nu-mi ajunge nici până la bărbie = he does not come up to my chin
până unde aţi ajuns cu lucrul? = how far have you got on / advanced with your work?
romanul ajunge până la capitolul 7 = the novel comes down to chapter VII
romanul ajunge până la capitolul 7 = the novel is brought down to chapter VII
s-a ajuns! = he's a heavy weight!
să n-ajung ziua de mâine! = upon my life!
să-ţi ajungă = let that suffice you!
să-ţi ajungă = put up with that!
sper că o să ajungă = I hope it will do
unde ai ajuns? = how far have you gone / advanced?
unde vrei să ajungi? fig. = what are you driving at?; what are you leading up to?

to come into vogue. to raise oneself (very high) ● v. şi ~ departe 2. a nu-l ajunge capul v. ~ tăia ~. to become a laughing stock (of others) ● to be disgraced ● to bring shame upon oneself. to jump / to leap / to fall out of the frying-pan into the fire ● from smoke into smother. v. ~ de batjocură. 1. to make a fool of oneself ● to make oneself ridiculous ● to be at the fable of the town ● v. şi ~ batjocură. 2. to pass into a proverb ● to become proverbial ● peior. to become a by-word. v. ~ de batjocură. 1. to get far. 2. to get on (in the world) ● to go a long / a great way ● to attain eminence ● ironic (d. un tânăr) to be a young hopeful. to come down in the world ● to go to the dogs / to pot ● (din ce în ce mai rău) to go from bad to worse. to come up with smb. ● to run down smb. ● (în drum) to join smb. on his way ● şi fig. to catch up with smb. ● to overtake smb. to reach / to attain old age ● to live to / to reach a great age. to reach a / its climax ● (d. o criză) to come to a head. to come to blows ● to fall / to get / to come to logger-heads ● to fall / to go to cuffs. to run its course. to be at the end of one's tether ● to reach the end of one's tether ● to come / to get to the end of one's tether ● to be exhausted / tired out / worn out ● to be at / to come to / to get to the end of one's tether ● v. şi a-l ~ cuţitul la os. to come upon the parish ● to go to the dogs ● v. şi ~ la sapă de lemn ● (a nu avea bani) to be on the rocks. to be brought to the conviction that... ● v. şi a-i trece prin gând / minte. v. ~ mal. to come of age. fig. to get to smooth water ● to bring smth. to a happy issue. to arrive at / to come to a conclusion ● (pripit) to jump a conclusion ● to draw / to reach a conclusion. to arrive at / to come to / to reach a decision ● to make up one's mind ● to form a resolution. to come to an understanding / an agreement / terms / an accommodation ● to reach an agreement ● to make terms. to reach an agreement / an arrangement with smb. ● to make / to arrange a settlement with smb. ● to come to terms / to make with smb. 1. v. ~ covrigi. 2. v. a-şi ieşi din fire. to attain / to achieve perfection. to come / to be brought / to be reduced to poverty / beggary / a mendicant state ● to come to want ● to come upon the parish ● to go to the dogs ● to arrive at one's fingers' ends ● înv. to arrive at / to live by one's finger(s') ends. fig. to miss the boat / the bus ● to get the cheese. to come to an agreement. to reach / to make a compromise ● to meet half-way ● to come to terms / an accommodation ● to split the difference. to reach a result ● to achieve smth. ● to be successful ● to manage it. to come to smb.'s ear(s) ● to meet smb.'s ear. to hear of... ● to get wind of... to come / to arrive in time / in the nick of time. v. ~ la sapă de lemn. to fall into smb.'s hands. fig. (d. cineva) to push it too far ● to go too far ● to overshoot oneself ● (d. lucruri) to go too far. to sink ● to get low ● to be brought low ● to go down ● to go to blazes / hell / pot / the devil / the dogs / s / . pigs and whistles ● v. şi ~ la sapă de lemn. to go as far as to... ● to go to the length of (cu -ing). to come to be at smb.'s beck and call ● to become a menial ● to be ordered about by a worthless fellow. to live to see... ● to live till / until... ● va ~ the time will / shall come when... v. ~ timpul ~. to fall on evil days. to arrive at one's finger-ends. to be in the spotlight ● to come into the picture. şi fig. to come to the front. to get into smb.'s good graces ● to insinuate oneself into smb.'s good graces. (cu gen.)... to come in view of... ● to come near... to come into smb.'s hands / power / elev. sway. to reach no result ● to have nothing to show for it. to come to nought / naught. to perk up one's head ● to look big ● to take the wall ● to ride the high horse. to lose (one's) strength ● to fall away ● aprox. his strength failed him. to be at the end of one's tether ● to be at one's wits' ends ● to be very hard up ● to be in a (nice) fix ● to be reduced / driven to extremity. to be fed up / fed to the teeth (with it) ● to have (more than) enough of it. to grow old ● to be advanced in years / life ● to be stricken in years ● to be no chicken. to be overcome by hunger. to be chilled (right) through. to have enough brains / wits for it ● to be equal to it ● to be wise enough to do it. to be overcome by fatigue. v. ~ anii de pe urmă. to come up to one's knees ● to be knee-deep in... to be overcome by sleep ● to be succumbing to sleep ● îl ajunse ~ sleep was getting the better of him. v. ~ atinge ~. no more...! have done... (şi cu -ing)! enough of (cu -ing)! let us call it a day. suffice it to say that... prov. the early bird catches the worm. prov. it is the early bird that catches the worm ● early start makes easy stages. prov. friends may meet, but mountains never greet. there, there! that will do me. you will have to do it first or last. it must come to that. prov. the grapes are too green / are sour. we're not getting anywhere / we're getting nowhere.


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