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(chitanţă) = ticket
(chitanţă) = receipt
(raport oficial) = official report
(formular) = formbuletin de bagaj = luggage ticket / check
buletin de comandă com. = order form
buletin de expediţie = way bill
buletin de noutăţi / ştiri = news bulletin
buletin de vot = ballot
buletin de vot = voting paper
buletin medical = medical bulletin
buletin meteorologic = weather report / forecast
buletin oficial = official gazette
buletin oficial = official journal in which all new laws are published
buletin sportiv = sporting news
buletin sportiv = sports round-up

to vote by ballot. we are broadcasting the news ● here is the news'(bulletin) / the news round up.


weather reportweather forecast(ing)bulletin

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