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dirt;filth;litter;muck;rubbish;trash;sweepings;dust;(~i figurat)garbage

(murdărie) = garbage
(murdărie) = rubbish
(murdărie) = refuse
(murdărie) = waste
(murdărie) = dust
(murdărie) = dirt
(murdărie) = litter
(murdărie) = muck
(bălegar) = dung
(bălegar) = manure
(bălegar) = muck
fig. scum
to manure
to dung
(a putrezi) = to rot
(a slăbi de tot) = to waste awaya face gunoi = to litter.
carul cu gunoi = the dustman's cart
ladă cu gunoi = dustbin

fig. to give / to throw to the dogs. to treat smb. like dirt ● to look smb. as so much dirt. fit for the wastepaper basket. if s / she's not half bad either ● it's / she's also to be reckoned with. prov. a cock is valiant on his own dunghill ● every cock crows on his own dunghill ● aprox. every dog is a lion at home / is valiant at his own door.

garbage; refuse; rubbish; trash


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