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to love(of/for/towards)

to love
(a fi îndrăgostit de cineva) = to be in love with
(a-i plăcea) = to like
(a-i plăcea) = to be fond of
(a-i plăcea) = to care for
reciproc to be in love (with each other)
to lovea iubi la nebunie = to love do distraction.
a se face iubit de cineva = to win smb.'s affection;

to walk out one's girl. to love / to treasure as the apple of one's eye. to like pomp. to dote upon ● to love madly / to distraction ● to have (got) a crush on ● to be nuts (up)on ● to be crazy / Fs / . d / a / , daft about ● (pe cineva) to be madly / passionately in love with smb. ● to be infatuated with smb. to love smb. with all one's heart. to wear the willow ● to sing willow. to be out of love with smb. to win smb.'s affection. to live in loving sisterhood. to have a way with (the children, etc.).

to love(of/for/towards)

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