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milkCalea laptelui astr. = the Milk Way
de lapte (d. soră, frate) = foster ...
de lapte = milk...
dinţi de lapte = milk / first teeth
falsificat = chalk and water
frate de lapte = foster-brother
lapte acidulat = acidophilous milk
lapte acru = sour milk
lapte bătut = butter milk
lapte brânzit = cloddy milk
lapte condensat = condensed milk
lapte covăsit = curdled milk
lapte covăsit = curds
lapte de capră = goat's milk
lapte de ciment = grout
lapte de cocos = coco-nut milk
lapte de pasăre = snow eggs
lapte de vacă = cow's milk
lapte de var = milk of lime
lapte gras = rich milk
lapte pasteurizat = Pasteurized milk
lapte praf = powder milk
lapte proaspăt / dulce = new / fresh milk
laptele cucului bot. = sun spurge (Euphorbia helioscopia)
laptele-câinelui bot. = devil's milk
laptele-câinelui bot. = milk weed (Euphorbia)
laptele-câinelui bot. = spurge
purcel de lapte = sucking pig
vacă cu lapte = cow in milk
vacă cu lapte = milch cow
viţel de lapte = sucking calf

to extract sunbeams from cucumbers ● to milk a he-goat into a sieve ● to milk the bull / the ram. to separate the milk ● to skim the cream from the milk ● to cream. to put in one's oar / spoke. to thrust oneself forward ● aprox. to meddle / to interfere in smb.'s affairs. to make milk into butter. to dress a fruit-tree with limewash. to shed one's teeth. a scalded cat / dog fears cold water ● once bit(ten) twice shy ● a / the burnt child dreads the fire. (it is) better to do well than to say well. fig. pigeon('s) milk. the milk has turned sour / has curdled. the never-never land ● the land flowing with milk and honey ● the land of Cockaigne / Cockayne.

milk; milch

milkagaric mineralhydrated limelime milk / solutionlime cream / milkcement milk / watermilk of limecream of limewhitewashwhitingcement slurryliminglaitancegroutcement grout

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