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fig. (de durere etc.) = mad
fig. (de durere etc.) = frantic
fig. (de durere etc.) = beside oneself
(d. iluzii) = wild
(prostesc) = foolish
(prostesc) = extravagant
(nesăbuit) = reckless
(nestăpânit) = unruly
(teribil) = mighty
pop. (rău) = bad
(prost) = fool
(bufon) = fool
(la şah) = bishopa face pe nebunul = amer. to cut didoes
a face pe nebunul = to play the giddy goat / the fool
a fi cam nebun = to be slightly mad
a fi nebun după cineva = to be nuts on / crazy about smb.
a fi nebun după cineva = to dote on smb.
casă de nebuni = lunatic asylum
casă de nebuni = madhouse
casă de nebuni fig. = Bedlam
e nebună după nepoată-sa = she dotes on her niece
era nebun de durere = he was mad / frantic with pain
eşti nebun! = you're mad / crazy
nebun de bucurie = beside oneself with joy
nebun de legat = raving mad
nebun de legat = stark / staring mad
nebun furios = maniac
nebun furios = raving lunatic

to commit acts of extravagance ● to cut diodes. to act the fool ● to play / to act the fool / (giddy) goat ● to cut didoes ● to play the ass / the fool ● to play horse ● to be on the rampage. to be tainted with insanity. to be regarded as (a lunatic, etc.). to scorch (along). to put a lunatic under restraint. to dote upon ● to love madly / to distraction ● to have (got) a crush on ● to be nuts (up)on ● to be crazy / Fs / . d / a / , daft about ● (pe cineva) to be madly / passionately in love with smb. ● to be infatuated with smb. to be convulsed / to shake / to rock with laughter. to make for / after / at smb. like a madman. to knock smb. to fits. to go (stark) mad ● to lose one's wits ● v. şi a-şi pierde minţile. to be mad / nuts / keen on ● to be crazy / daft about. to unsettle smb.'s reason. to be crazy about smb. / smth. ● to be nuts / sweet on smb. / smth. ● to be partial to smb. / smth. ● to love smb. / smth. to distraction. it's sheer madness. like mad şi like anything / blazes / hell / the (very) devil. sheer folly ● an egregious piece of folly. you're crazy / raving! beside oneself with joy ● mad / frantic with joy ● wild with joy ● overjoyed. mad with pain. wild / mad with rage. altogether / stark / raving / staring mad ● clear off one's chump ● (as) mad as a March hare / as a hatter ● far gone ● hopping mad ● as mad as a hornet / a wet hen ● sl. barmy / balmy on the crumpet ● sl. amer. (as) crazy as a bedbug. v. ~ de legat. dead gone on smb. ● nuts / sweet on smb. crazy over... ● mad after... ● sl. nuts / keen / nutty upon... ● mad about... one's wild oats ● sally of youth. prov. No fool like an old fool. prov. fools rush in where angels fear to tread. prov. white walls are fools' writing paper ● he is a fool and ever shall (be) that writes his name upon a wall. you would think this was Bedlam. a rift in the lute. over head and ears / head and / over ears in love with smb. ● deep / madly / damnably in love with smb. ● struck on smb. ● gone on smb. ● înv. up to the ears in love.

crazy; demented; lunatic; mad; raving

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