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not... anything
(chestiune neimportantă) = trifling matter
fig. (neant) = nothingness, nought
fig. (om fără valoare) = non-entity, cipher
(găteală) = knick-knackca şi cum nu s-ar fi întâmplat nimic = as if nothing had happened
dacă nimicai nimic împotrivă = if you don' mind, if you have no objection
de nimic (d. cineva şi) = not fit to carry guts to a bear
de nimic = worthless
întru / cu nimic = in no way / respect
mai nimic = hardly anything, next to nothing
n-am nimic de făcut = I have nothing to do
nimic alta decât... = nothing but / only
nu e nimic de făcut = there is no help for it
nu e nimic de făcut = there is nothing to be done, it can' be helped
nu face nimic = it makes no difference, it's all right!
nu face nimic = never mind!
nu face nimic = that doesn't matter
nu iese nimic de aici = it's no go
nu mai doriţi nimic? = do you require anything else?
om de nimic = good-for nothing, never-do-well
pe nimic = for a song; on the cheap
pentru nimic în lume = not for love or money
pentru nimic în lume = not for the world, not for the life of me
pentru nimic! = not at all! don' mention it!

hardly anything ● next to nothing ● nothing to speak of. to do everything but anything. to pulverize an argument. to make nothing (at all) of smth. / it ● not to (be able to) make head or tail of smth. / it. to come to nought / naught. to be (of) no use ● to be of no avail ● to answer no purpose ● to avail nothing. to have nothing to lose. to have no quarrel with / against smb. to have nothing / no quarrel against it ● to have (half) a mind to do smth. not to have (got) a brain in one's head. to be out of sorts ● v. şi ~ chef ~. n-a băgat nimic în gură de trei zile he has not tasted food for three days. to result in nothing. to be no good / use. nu e ~ there is not a word / a grain of truth in it. to be of no...use ● nu iese ~ nothing comes of... ● there's nothing to be gained by... ● (it's) no go. to miss the bus. to leave nothing to accident. to leave no stone unturned ● not to let drop. to leave neither stick nor stone standing. to say no more. to miss nothing (by it) ● to have nothing to lose (by it) ● not to be out of pocket (by it). to pass smth. over. to be of ill omen ● nu prevesteşte nimic bun it bodes no good. not to touch food. not to be able to draw / to elicit anything from smb. to make no answer / reply. nu s-a salvat nimic not a stick was saved. nu schimbă that's neither here nor there. to get nothing ● to go away empty(-handed). to stick at nothing. to be adamant / in-flexible / incorruptible ● not to be lured / allured by any-thing ● to be proof against all inveiglements. v. ~ oprit ~. amer. to loosen up. not to move hand or foot. to live well. to be game for anything. to see no harm in smth. fig. to stick at nothing ● not to stop short of anything. to be useless ● to answer no purpose ● to be no good. 1. to say nothing ● to keep still ● to make no comment / no remark. 2. (a nu însemna nimic) to stand for nothing ● to have no meaning at all. to be close about smth. ● to keep smth. close. to be worth nothing ● (d. persoane) no guts in him. 1. to mean / to be nothing ● to stand for nothing ● / not to be worth a fig. 2. (d. ceva şi) to be nothing to the purpose. not to be a penny / any the wiser. to be ignorant of a fact ● to be in total ignorance of a fact. to break through every restraint ● to break loose from all restraint ● to be heedless of everything ● to fling / to throw one's / the cap over the (wind)mill. to require nothing ● to have all one wants. not to care (a damn) about anything ● to fling / to throw one's / the cap over the (wind) mill. to have eyes on the back of one's head. nu-l ţinea nimic în loc wild horses couldn't stop him. to live well ● to do oneself proud. to say sweet nothings (to a girl). to throw / to risk a sprat / a minnow to catch a herring / a mackerel / a whale. to lop / to loll about ● to dawdle idly. to boil down to nothing ● to shrink to a nullity ● to dwindle into thin air ● (d. profituri) to dwindle to the vanishing point. amer. to rise at a feather. to say sweet nothings to smb. to sell dirt-cheap. to sell dirt-cheap / for a song / a trifle / a (mere) nothing ● v. şi ~ pe o bucată de pâine. to talk frivolities. to waste / to fritter (away) / to squander / to lose one's time ● to trifle away one's time ● to idle one's time away ● to rot / to gad about to shoe a goose / a gosling ● to bum daylight. to quarrel with one's shadow. to trifle away one's money. to set one's life / one's future on a throw of the dice. nothing whatever. that leads to nothing ● it leads nowhere. that is nothing tome. thus much. fit for the wastepaper basket ● not worth a curse. as if / though nothing had happened ● like water off a duck's back. if you don't mind ● if you have no objection. that is a (mere) trifle. what he knows does not come too much. history is silent upon it. I swear to tell! the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth. prov. a bit in the morning is better than nothing at all. little is better than none. much ado about nothing ● a grain of wheat in a bushel of chaff. v. mult zgomot ~. I wouldn't do it for a kingdom ● I wouldn't do it for the life of me. that would be of no use / avail ● that would not be of any use. hard up for smth. to say. all things considered. nobody / none can tell. nothing else ● that's all (there is to it) ● ~ decât... nothing but... ● nothing else than... nimic de acest fel / de felul acesta no such thing ● nothing of the sort / the kind. (there's) nothing doing! no go! not a rag to one's back. mil. nothing to report. 1. undoubtedly ● unquestionably ● without a doubt ● certainly ● of course. 2. (ai dreptate) right you are. 3. (de fapt) as a matter of fact in (point of) tact. dear me! oh dear! nothing (very) much ● nothing to write home about ● no great scratch ● all in the day's work ● v. şi nu mare lucruneobişnuit. not a bit (of it)! v. şi nici vorbă. v. ~ neobişnuit. v. ~ neobişnuit. (there's) nothing truer ● you are quite right. nothing could be simpler. (as) easy as ABC ● as easy as rolling off a log ● as easy as lying ● sl. as easy as damn it. nothing uncommon / extraordinary / out of the common / ordinary: nothing to write home about. all quiet on the western front. there is nothing new under the sun. nothing has any effect on it / him, etc. prov. the morning sun never lasts a day. nothing can warrant such conduct. nothing can stop me from doing it ● I will continue none the less. nothing can come between us. nothing hurts like the truth. there was no evidence of his (cu -ing). nothing could bring / get him to do it. nothing succeeds him ● nothing goes right with him. nothing will deter him. nothing will move him. there was no holding him. nothing stands between you and success. nothing besides. nothing suitable (to). nothing besides. no bees, no honey ● no work, no money. trifles ● petty affairs ● little nothings ● small talk. the little nothings of life. it is no trouble. nothing doing! nothing doing ● (it's) no go ● there's nothing to be done ● it can't be helped ● there is no help for it. it is no laughing matter ● it is not a laughing matter. v. ~ face ~! it's nothing! it doesn't matter (in the least)! no matter! it's all right! there's nothing so funny about it ● there is no fun in it. nothing comes amiss to him. it wants nothing ● it, etc. is not wanting in anything / any way. there is plenty of everything ● there is nothing wanting. do you require anything else? I wouldn't say thank you for it. bad is the best. there is nothing for it but to obey. nothing's the matter ● it's nothing. bad is the best. you can't see here ● it's pitch dark ● v. şi a nu se vedea la doi paşi. it's no mortal use ● that's ● no good. he will have nothing to say to it. I can't make it out ● I don't know what to make of it ● I can make nothing of it. I cannot tell. he's past praying for. a (mere) trifle ● a trifling matter ● a mere pittance ● nothing to speak of / to write home about ● little or nothing. ne'er-do-well ● good-for nothing (fellow) ● a little nobody ● a man of no account ● a bad halfpenny ● half man. the whole tree or not a cherry on it. the least thing upsets him ● he is easily upset. just as if nothing had happened. pe (o) nimica toată for nothing ● for a (mere) song / whistle ● on the cheap ● dirt-cheap. dirt-cheap ● for a (mere) song ● for nothing / a trifle. not for the (wide) world ● not for the life of me ● not for love or money ● on no account ● not at any price ● never on this side of the grave ● for the soul of me ● to save my soul ● not if I know it ● over my dead body ● for my heart ● for the heart of me ● amer. not by a jugful ● not for a moment! not for Joe ● never in my life: not for the love of Mike ● not on your life! wild horses wouldn't draw it out of me ● catch me (doing that / at it)! not at all! don't mention it! no thanks are needed! for a (mere) song ● for an old song / a trifle ● v. şi ~ atâta lucrupe nimic just as if nothing happened. sheer nonsense. I hope there is nothing wrong. next to nothing ● nothing to boast of ● nothing to write home about ● no catch ● not much of a catch. neck or nothing. a trifle ● a trifling matter ● amer. a hill of beans. a non-entity ● a mere nobody / nothing. no skipping, mind! (not) at all ● not in the least.

anyhing; cipher; naught; nil; none; nothing; nought; scratch

relay actionmark-spaceall-or-none / nothingopposingon-off

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