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(măcel) = massacre
(măcel) = carnage
(măcel) = slaughteromor cu premeditare = wilful / deliberate murder

to take it easy ● not to kill oneself with work ● not to overwork oneself. to peck to death. to kill two birds with one stone. to be the death of smb. ● to be smb.'s death ● to bring about smb's death. to kill smb. by inches. to beat smb. to a mummy / a jelly / within an inch of his life ● v. şi a snopi ~. to kill smb. outright. prov. give a god a bad name and hang him! to put oneself out ● to kill oneself ● to be in a fret / on the fret. to work / to tire oneself to death. to die / to hoot with laughter ● v. şi a râde în hohote. 1. (a se sinucide) to kill oneself ● to commit suicide ● to lay violent hands upon oneself ● to make away with oneself. 2. (a se istovi) to kill / to over fatigue oneself ● to ruin / to destroy one's health. to puzzle / to heat / to rack / to cudgel one's brains. to put up one's brow. to while away / to beguile the time / glum. the enemy ● to kill time ● to fill in (the) time ● to cheat the time ● to be at dalliance ● to hold dalliance. to stay / to allay one's hunger. v. ~ timpul / vremea.


automorphicallomorphismhoarfrostisomorph; isomorphousisomorphismdouble isomorphismpleomorphismmonomorphmeromorphicmonomorphic mappingautomorphismautomorphic functionmeromorphic functionmeromorphismmonomorphicmonomorphismhomeomorphismsleetwhite frostsilver thaw

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